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Electrical Registration

Since 1998 Steve Shaw and his small team has been dedicated to giving Auckland homes, businesses and industry the very highest level of electrical services.  As a privately owned and managed business, you can be confident of getting our full attention from the moment we arrive on site.

Whether for a big job or a small one, the finished result will be guaranteed as safe, compliant, and the optimal solution for your specific requirements. 

Steve has recently upskilled to become a registered Electrical Inspector. Electrical Inspectors have specialist knowledge of the requirements of inspection of installations for electrical safety and the connection of installations to supply, including high risk site work, certified designs, records of inspection, periodic inspections and warrants of electrical fitness. Steve has a deep understanding of legislation related to electrical work, and is able to carry out safety checks for installations and appliances. 

The electrical services market offers a wide range of pricing and matching quality - we are the people you call when you want a job done properly the first time.
If you need an electrician in Auckland, call Steve today on 0800 562 3663 

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