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Cold House? Warm it up with a Weiss Heat Transfer System


Is your home warm enough?

Many New Zealand homes are colder than they should be. New Zealand has long had a single-room approach to heating. We heat the living room and think heating the whole house is a luxury. But if you have a solid wood fire, with a Weiss Heat Transfer System you can easily heat up to four additional rooms for a warm, comfortable home.

A warm home is a healthy, happy home

In most Kiwi homes, the average daily indoor temperature in winter just 16°C. Not good news when the World Health Organisation recommends a minimum indoor temperature of 18°C, and 21°C if babies or the elderly live in the house.

Cold homes are often damp, which can cause mould. Mould is linked to respiratory illness, worsening asthma, skin conditions, headaches and even depression. Mould also damages walls, ceilings and floors. Studies show living in a cold home is physiologically stressful for people who are old, ill or very young. Having warm, dry home isn’t just more comfortable, it’s essential for your health and that of your loved ones.


Install a Weiss Heat Transfer System to make your home warm and dry

How Heat Transfer Systems Work

Easy to install, Weiss Heat Transfer Systems take advantage of the hot air rising from your solid wood fire that accumulates at ceiling level. The fan inlet collects the excess heat. It then transfers the warm air to other rooms via ducting and fans, while using thermostats to optimise the temperature for you.



1. Do you have a solid wood fire?

If your home has a solid wood fire, you can probably generate enough heat for the rest of the house. The trouble is, it’s mostly stuck in one room. But with a Weiss Heat Transfer System you can move that warmth easily and efficiently to heat up to four other rooms (the system is not recommended for use with gas fires or heat pumps).


2. Do you have excess heat to warm multiple rooms?

Match your location and home size to the heat output of your solid wood fire. If your wood fire provides heat greater than the outputs given, then you have excess heat worth sending to other rooms. Talk to our staff about finding your wood fire’s output.


3. Do you have space in your ceiling?

Your ceiling space must be at least 250mm high for the 1 or 2 room models or at least 450mm high for the 3 or 4 room models. You will also need to ensure the fan inlet can be installed in the ceiling of the room containing the solid wood fire and the rooms you want to heat.


4. How many rooms do you want to heat?

If you’ve answered yes to steps 1 to 3, you’re good to go. Heating 1, 2, 3 or 4 rooms is dependent on the distance your excess heat can travel. A fan inlet installed 1.5 metres from your solid wood fire collects the warmest air in the room. From the inlet’s location we recommend each room be no more than 9 metres away.


Weiss Heat Transfer systems are designed in New Zealand for New Zealand’s unique climatic conditions. Simply choose the system that matches your needs from the Weiss Heat Transfer brochure or contact Steve to discuss.

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