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All of these faults are dangerous and require a qualified electrician to fix them. Call us today for:

  • Lights blowing

  • Fuses blowing

  • No hot water

  • Lights flickering

  • Light fittings buzzing


If you are renovating part of your home, it’s a great opportunity to make updates in other areas. So, while you have us there to fit the new kitchen light fittings, how about we update the bathroom fan, or power sockets as well. 

Grab us at the beginning of your renno and we’ll make a plan. 

Power point and switches

There is life beyond the standard white plastic socket and switch.  We are able to source a range of stylish finishes for you to add that wow factor to your home. These modern sockets are also available with USB ports. Contact Steve to go over the options. 

Light fittings

You can completely change the vibe of your home by replacing your light fittings.  We are able to source some options for you or you can find your own.  You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes to the feel of your home. 

Appliance cords and plugs

Over time, cords can become frayed, cracked or damaged.  This is dangerous and may result in fire or cause an electric shock. Let’s get them repaired today!


Other jobs we can help with 

  • Wire maintenance    

  • Telephone wiring    

  • Data cabling    

  • Fault finding

  • Installing bathroom heaters / towel rails 

  • Lighting plans

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