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At Auckland Electrical, we find very often that Kiwi homes older than 1970 need an update when it comes to wiring due to both age and also coping with the electrical demands of today’s technology.  What are the signs that your home is in need of a wire upgrade? The age of the home, wires tripping, buzzing sounds and power outages can signal that some attention is needed. 

Why rewire? 

A home rewire will help prevent issues that can lead to device malfunction, fire and electric shock, it is also a great opportunity to add any modern touches such as data, lighting control or security.

Once rewired, your home will be safer and future proofed for modern technology, and when ready you will be able to upgrade your light fittings and use the lower watt LED bulbs.  This eco-friendly upgrade will save you a lot in future lighting costs.  

As the walls often need to be open, while insulating or renovating is the perfect time to rewire your home, and as always it is more cost effective for us to complete the whole house in one go.  Of course, for any new wiring work we do, we will supply you with a Certificate of Compliance.

rewiring villa

Sort out your rewire today

To ensure you get the most out of your upgrade, have a think and note down which devices you would like to use and where in the house.  
Then give the team at Auckland Electrical a call - let's talk about your rewire. 

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