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There is certain work you are able to complete in your home if you have the required skills. Check out the WorkSafe Managing Health and Safety page for more information here

We have purchased a light fitting from a retail store, are we able to install it ourselves?

Check the manufactures instructions included with your fitting and they will let you know if an electrician is required for the install. If you are unsure it is always best to have it installed by a qualified electrician.

If I’m going to use a power lead outside is it safe to run a lead from inside the house to tools outside?

No you should use a RCD (Residual Current Device) or an isolating transformer to prevent any fires or electric shocks caused by water and moisture.

My hot water is suddenly very hot, can I adjust my hot water cylinder temperature or do I need an electrician?

When adjusting the temperature of your cylinder dangerous cables are exposed so it is best that you have this completed by a professional.

My DVS system and the power in two rooms are not working, but the rest of the house is ok. What should I check?

Find your fuse box and hopefully it is labelled so you can work out which circuit you need to sort out. If it is not labelled, switch on an appliance or light that you are trying to fix, and try and identify this circuit on the fuse box by switching it on. If the appliance or light is now working you have found the correct fuse to switch back on.  If not, keep testing. If you are still having trouble call Auckland Electrical to take a look.

There are sparks coming out of my socket when I switch off my hairdryer.
What should I do?

Call an electrician to come and take a look as it is dangerous.

I have a new sound system and TV but I can’t hear the TV out of the speakers.

Every set up is different and can be complicated so we recommend you call an electrician to help set this up for you.

My oven is not working, what could this be?

For older style ovens, check the timer hasn’t been set as often this is the cause for ovens not working. Simply reset the timer and see if that works.

My dimmer switch is not working, can I fit a new dimmer myself?

No this is best done by an electrician.

A light in my bathroom is constantly flicking, what can I do to fix this?

Try another bulb, if there is no change call an electrician.

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