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Answers to some of the questions we are regularly asked:


Do you do after hours call outs?

Yes, but there are additional charges. Give us a call to discuss.


Do you issue Certificates of Compliance?

We provide a paper copy that you can file with the records for your house.


My hot water cylinder has stopped working - what should I do?

Generally this is an electrical issue, sometimes it can be plumbing. Call during daytime hours, and we should be able to tell you which it is.


What electrical work can I do myself, and when do I need to call an electrician?

In today’s health and safety conscious world there is very little that you can do yourself, and anything you do undertake needs to be checked by an inspector. You can find out more info HERE.


We are building a new house or doing a renovation. When should I contact you to talk about electrical installation?

Right at the beginning - the sooner the better, so we can install the wiring in the most efficient way possible.


We have bought a new house and need an electrical inspection - what is involved?

This can be a simple matter of an electrician looking at the condition of wiring, or it might require an inspector that provides certification. Steve is a registered Electrical Inspector, please contact Auckland Electrical for advice.

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