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Keeping the bar high

There has been a bit of coverage in the media about rogue tradies - whether that be builders, plumbers, or electricians, taking shortcuts. What sort of things should you look out for?

Cost vs quality If something is too good to be true, it probably is. We can't compete on price with electricians that use cheap and often substandard products including cabling, switches, and other fittings. What we can say is that these cheap items have a much higher risk of failure. Best case is, they need replacing in the short term. Worst case is serious damage, even fire.

We recommend you always use an experienced, licensed electrician - like Auckland Electrical - or you could be setting yourself up for problems later on. We are here to help!

Bundling up jobs If you are calling us out to get a small job done, have a think about whether there are any other projects that you need help with at the same time. It can be cheaper and more efficient, to get a few things done in one visit instead of calling us out several times.

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