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The perfect pendant

If you are on the hunt for the dream pendant light fittings for your kitchen upgrade, there are some key points to remember which we share with you this issue. Not only does installing new lighting add the finishing touches to a newly renovated kitchen, it can also freshen up an existing kitchen bringing it out of one decade into another. And bonus - it instantly adds value and appeal to your home if you are thinking of selling. The team at Auckland Electrical are able to install your chosen feature lighting, as well as supply and install some updated LED recessed lights at the same time. We could have your kitchen updated in one visit!

Things to consider with pendant lighting

  • A light fixture with a lot going on will appear larger so remember to scale down the width to factor this in.

  • Ensure you hang pendants over a table or kitchen island at the correct height so nobody risks hitting their head or getting glare in their eyes.

  • Ceiling pendants need to factor in the head of the tallest person in the house - so get them to do a test run walk through before deciding the length.

  • Space your pendants evenly along a kitchen island, you might only have 1 or 2 medium sized ones along a smaller island and 2-3 pendants along a large kitchen island.

  • Factor the view in when thinking about pendants over the sink.

Save money Remember, it does work out better to do bulk lots in one go rather than room by room so also have a think about the bathrooms, hallways and bedrooms.

Contact Auckland Electrical today and let’s make a plan to get that lighting sorted!

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