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Switch Modes

Do you still have the 70s power sockets and light switches in your home? Are they cracking or looking tired? It’s surprisingly easy to fix. As a past customer of Auckland Electrical, just give us a call. We can instantly make your home more modern and safer by replacing the lot in one visit - saves getting us back as the old ones malfunction one by one, and saves you money too.

Charge Stations While we are there we can help you install a charge station. These are great if you want to encourage a device free dinner time. Everyone can complete their evening responsibilities, and then chill out fully charged for the evening. Great in a drawer, a cupboard, above the shoe rack or hall table, or even lining up the electric toothbrushes in the bathroom, tidier wiring will feel a lot more organised. There is no need to wait until you renovate someday - you work out the charge station design and we will sort out the sockets to help showcase your brilliance.

USB Sockets We can also install handy USB power points as well as your common multi socket plugs, so give us a call to chat about your ideas. We only use approved and high quality products (no cheap imports!) so be assured you can trust us to do the job right the first time.

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